Cable Car & Top Station

The highlight to any visit to Gibraltar is a trip on the Cable Car . In just 6 minutes you reach the top of the rock where you will enjoy not only the magnificent views but also the company of the famous barbary apes.

The Swiss built Cable Car is a popular attraction for both tourists and locals, being the fastest and most efficient mode of transport to the Top of the Rock. The six minute journey to the summit allows enough time to enjoy the spectacular views of Morocco, Spain and over the town of Gibraltar.

Upon arrival at the Cable Car Top Station you will be greeted by our native Barbary Macaque. Along with the Mons Calpe Suite and the breath-taking views, there is a cafe and souvenir shop where you can catch a quick bite to eat or purchase unique memorabilia of your time on the Rock.

Cable Car – Gibraltar Info Website

After the exhilarating Cable Car ride to 412m above sea level it’s time to take in the scenery, take a photo with an ape and buy a “Top of the Rock” souvenir.
On reaching the top you will be inspected by our welcoming committee, not to worry, no security checks here just our resident monkeys checking you out to see if you have anything they fancy like food! At the Top Station you will

  • Café: enjoy a bite to eat and drink from the Top of the Rock Café.
  • Shop: why not pick up a gift or a souvenir from the Top of the Rock Shop where you will find a unique range of especially designed items with you in mind.
  • Multimedia Tour: a personal state-of-the-art Interactive Multimedia Guide which allows visitors to gain an insight into Gibraltar’s fascinating history whilst being guided around the Top Station terraces. The commentary is available in seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese (only available to adults).
  • Wi-fi & Free App: The above tour is also available for download as an APP to your personal mobile devices free from the Apple and Android App stores. Wi-fi codes are issued at the ticket office when purchasing an adult ticket.
  • Facilities: there are rest rooms located within the Cable Car Top Station
  • Access to the Nature Reserve: Visitors have access to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve from the Top of the Rock. Sites include St. Michael’s Cave, the Ape’s Den, the Great Siege Tunnels and the Moorish Castle. Tickets are available at the Cable Car ticket office and at the Souvenir Shop. St Michael’s Cave is located 0.9km down hill from the Cable Car Top Station (approx 15/20 min walk). Visitors can then continue down hill for a further 0.8km to the Cable Car Middle Station. (Approx 15/20 min from St Michael’s Cave). Please note that the Cable Car will not be stopping at the Middle Station between the months of April to October, inclusive.