The Mons Calpe Story

The Mons Calpe was a purpose built vessel in 1954 by MH Bland for the transportation of cars, goods and passengers to and from Tangier. Upon the closure of the Frontier between Gibraltar and Spain in 1969 the Mons Calpe became Gibraltar’s umbilical cord, transporting many essential goods such as oxygen and fresh fruit and vegetable to locals from Morocco. To this day many Gibraltarians give thanks to the Mons Calpe for the life line provided during those difficult times.

The frontier re-opened after 16 years and whilst the event was celebrated, it was tinged with sadness as it also meant the end of the Mons Calpe. Unable to compete with the three ferries coming out of Algeciras the vessel was finally withdrawn from service and sold in March 1986.

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That same year the north terrace of the Top Station Cable Car complex was built and within its foundation a pub, which MH Bland named the Mons Calpe Pub in commemoration of the vessel and her service to Gibraltar.

The Mons Calpe Pub was refurbished in 2009 and renamed the Mons Calpe Suite to reflect the new look and style of the venue.

The Suite boasts a commitment to quality of service, ensuring that whatever the occasion, guests are looked after to the highest of standards.

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